There are lots of free resources available for learning R. This page contains some excellent resources, but we certainly can’t list all the excellent resources available.

Running R

is a software environment for statistical computing and graphics that can be freely downloaded at CRAN.

RStudio is a popular integrated development environment for that we will be using throughout the course.

There are two ways that students can run R using RStudio:

  1. Create an account on RStudio Cloud.

  2. Install RStudio on your computer. A desktop version is available to download on to your personal computer for free.

Getting Started with R

R Style Guide

Good coding style is like correct punctuation: you can manage without it, butitsuremakesthingseasiertoread. Just as with punctuation, while there are many code styles to choose from, some are more reader-friendly than others. Hadley Wickham, Tidyverse Style Guide.

When you write code, especially when it will be read by other people (e.g., your TA), refer to the Tidyverse Style Guide for best practices.

R Markdown

R Markdown documents can be used to create documents that weave together code and text.

An R Markdown Cheat Sheet downloaded from RStudio is available here.

A guide to producing R Markdown documents for class assignments is available here. This guide also includes a short introduction to \(\LaTeX\) for including math in R Markdown.

Getting Help with R

Students can always ask a member of the teaching staff for help during office hours, tutorial, or on the class discussion forum.

stackoverflow is a popular forum for posting and answering questions related to programming. Questions tagged R can be found here and questions tagged RStudio can be found here.

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